Farndon Fields

A summary of the archaeological findings of this open-air Late Upper Palaeolithic (LUP) site investigated from 1991 to 2016

Maps of all LUP fieldwalking flint finds to 2014. Flags locate in situ, below ground flint. Blue perimeter: area fieldwalked to 2016. Maps open in new windows. Hover over and/or click on icons for information; i provides map details. Scroll for zoom. Toggle buttons to hide or show overlays.
  • LiDAR LUP flint finds summarised as white icons, excludes 2015 to 2017 finds
  • Heatmap reveals clustering of LUP flint deritrus, excludes 2015 to 2017 finds
  • Test or trial pits most devoid of LUP flint although some contained worked flint of later periods. Only 18 of 193 have contained  in situ flint within the subsoil; additional information may appear on clicking icon.