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Internet versions accessible
  1. Ice Age Journeys: Research by a Community Archaeology Group at Farndon, Newark, Nottinghamshire Garton et al, Transactions of the Thoroton Society 119 2015, 102-139 (copyright The Thoroton Society, you cannot download or print this document. Authors' copy provided for non-commercial research & education use).
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  3. The British Final Magdalenian: Society, settlement and raw material movements revealed through LA-ICP-MS trace element analysis of diagnostic artefacts Pettitt et al Quaternary International 272-273 (2012) 275e287 (Pg Dn to paper)
  4. Further Archaeological Design Document for Preservation In-situ of Artefact Bearing Soils at Farndon Fields Highways Agency 2009
  5. A46 Newark to Widmerpool Improvement Technical Review: Archaeological Works at Farndon Fields (A46 FAR05) Highways Agency 2007
  6. A46 Newark to Widmerpool Improvement Archaeological Works at Farndon Fields (A46 FAR05)  Field Work Report Wessex Archaeology 2006
  7. Specification for Archaeological Surface Artefact Collection - Farndon 2006 Highways Agency
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No Internet versions accessible:
  1. Late Upper Palaeolithic Farndon Fields. Harding et al (2014). In, Cooke, Nicholas and Mudd, Andrew (eds.) A46 Nottinghamshire: The Archaeology of the Newark to Widmerpool Improvement Scheme, 2009. Salisbury, GBWessex Archaeology, 12-70.